Clane Local History Group- Exhibit at Christmas Festival

Clane Local History Group – Exhibit at Christmas Festival – 2012

Clane Project Centre organised a Christmas festival and market in the local hotel, the Westgrove, on Sunday 9th December. The indoor market, consisting of numerous stalls, selling all kinds of Christmas fare, was a big attraction for both adults and children alike. Clane Local History Group had its own stand which was devoted to the history of the village, with emphasis on the past residents of Clane i.e. men and women who have passed on but who were instrumental in the development of the village and in making it into the modern, attractive and busy settlement it is today. The numerous photographs of past generations proved very popular with present-day inhabitants and many were surprised and delighted to discover and examine photographs of their grandparents and great grandparents displayed on large wall-boards and on computer. The history stand was thronged with grateful and appreciative residents for most of the afternoon and all questions were ably answered by Una and Jim Heffernan, John Noonan and Brendan Cullen, who manned the stand and organised the exhibition.

Brendan Cullen, Jim Heffernan, Una Heffernan and John Noonan