Gems and Forgotten People




Almost two years ago the Federation for Ulster Local Studies and the Federation of Local History Societies began a joint project, “Hidden Gems and Forgotten People”. It was considered a great opportunity to encourage people interested in local history at all levels of expertise to research their own place/local community for items of historical interest such as places, events, buildings, monuments and people not widely known and perhaps largely forgotten.

Initially the response was good and an interest was generated that resulted in many interesting and worthwhile contributions being received. We appreciate this very much.

These can be viewed on our separate website, This website set up by Pat Devlin, FULS, is very well designed and very user friendly.

We would encourage all members to access and browse through it. This is the best way to really get the feel for what is required and what is involved.

We want to reactivate it as we feel it is a powerful but simple tool to help promote the study and development of local history and get people sharing in the process.

Looking at the geographical spread of contributions received so far from the map of counties you will see that six of the nine counties ofUlsterand five of the twenty three Southern counties are represented. So if your county is not there why not lead the way and put it on the map.

Also on a personal note there may be a gem or person with a special connection that you feel you would like to include. Here is the opportunity.

A simple objective would be to at least get contributions from all thirty two counties on the island.

Details of how to contribute are well documented on the website. There is also a CD available of the website. The procedure is relatively simple and straightforward.

People need not be overawed by any technology involved in making a submission.

Simply identify the subject, give it a title, provide a digital photo/or similar, name the history group involved and provide 100-300 words of text in word document. There is no need to format it in any particular way and if typing is a problem we will take the written word.

We would ask anyone who feels they need help or guidance to contact Pat Devlin FULS John Hulme FULS or Larry Breen FLHS at the contact details given below and we will be only too glad to help.

It may even be possible to arrange a visit, at your invitation, to talk to your group to help start the process going.

The hidden gems and forgotten people project is what local history is all about so we ask you to come on board, help create and be party to a unique national archive of local history that will otherwise be largely forgotten.

To whet your appetite we have attached a small selection of examples from the website for your perusal.

Contact Details:

John Hulme, FULS,22 Castle Road, Carrickfergus, Co.Antrim,BT38 7JY

Tel. 049 93 361215

Larry Breen, FLHS, 8 The Paddocks, Naas, Co. Kildare,

   Tel. 045 897445

Pat Devlin, FULS,18 Ardmore Ave., Downpatrick, Co. Down, BT30 6JU

   Tel.  048 44 612986