North Wexford Historical Society


Possibly the newest historical society to be founded in the country at present, North Wexford Historical Society started in August 2011. A group of interested historians gathered and decided that there was a huge demand in the Gory area for a society to be established that would promote history in all its forms and through innovative techniques help include all members of the locality. In an astonishing response from the community, over one hundred members have joined. Several high profile speakers have already given talks to the society including Dr. Ida Milne, Peadar McArdle and Dr. Aidan Breen. The society has aimed to include local and national topics of interest in their programmes for the benefit of their members. Field trips take place during the summer months. This year a trip to heritage sites around the Clonmel area has been planned. Articles have featured in the local newspapers and in historical magazines that have attracted interest from all corners of the globe. A proposal for the Market House in Gorey to be made into a Heritage Centre was lodged with the County Council in the Spring of this year. The society has been well published through posters, radio announcements and a Facebook page. This is only the beginning for North Wexford Historical Society and we have a local oral history project planned involving students from secondary schools who will interview members of the community. The digitisation of records is another project to be completed as well as a booklet compiling the history of Gorey’s people, buildings and historic areas.

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