Shelling of Millmount – 90th. Anniversary

The Shelling of Millmount 90th. Anniversary

90 years ago on 4th July 1922, the fort at Millmount was shelled by 18 pounder guns. The Irish Civil War had begun. The fort was held by Anti-Treaty forces who endured cannonfire by their former comrades who were Pro Treaty. The tower was destroyed and the Anti Treaty forces were routed. This was the last attack in history by cannons on a castle or Fort in Ireland or Britain.

To commemorate this event Drogheda Museum Millmlount will launch an exhibition On Wednesday July 4th, featuring previously unseen material, images and eye witness accounts of a defining moment in Drogheda’s history. Millmount’s replica 19th century cannons will be fired at 6:30pm to offically launch the exhibition which will run until August 31st.


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