Local History in Local Schools




This project called ‘Local History in Local Schools’ is presently being considered by Dermot Ryan of Kinsale and Betty Quinn of Drogheda.

We are anxious to have as much input as possible from Member Societies and indeed interesting individuals, hence the suggestion that a call for submissions be sent out by email.

The Project, which we call ‘Local History in Local Schools’, is intended to allow the local History Societies to play a role in unveiling local history as an interesting subject at school level. Its aim is to instil in young people the knowledge of and an interest in their local history, and how best we as a Federation can help local societies to do this is the key issue.

Our hope is that the Federation can come up with a set of guidelines to help local History Societies to play a meaningful role in helping schools (whether National or Secondary) to unlock the mysteries of their local history.

The matters to be considered include:-

1. What role should local History Societies play in the project? Should they confine themselves to supplying material to be delivered by teachers, or should they seek to present the material themselves to the school children by way of documentation and oral presentations too?

2. Should the ‘Local History for Local Schools’ project be an all year round project or should it be established as a weeklong project, similar perhaps to the yearly Heritage Week?

3. Should the Federation play a role in accessing funding for Local History Societies participating in the project?

4. Is there a need for the Federation to hold training Seminars to help local History Societies in:-

a) preparing written material for the project?

b) preparing oral presentations?

These are just a few of the issues which have our minds in relation to the ‘Local History for Local Schools’ Project. We would like the Member Societies and indeed anyone interested to let Dermot and Betty have their views and thoughts on how best to approach this project. Dermot and Betty are scheduled to submit their recommendation to the next Federation Committee Meeting in September.

Contact details:

Dermot Ryan: Tel . 021 4772729 e-mail

Betty Quinn : Tel. 041 982 6710 e-mail