The Federation of Local History Societies was established in 1981 to promote the interests of amateur historians and voluntary museums and to represent their views. In the intervening years the number of societies has grown to more than one hundred. The aims of the Federation are:

  • To encourage research in the fields of history, archaeology, folk life and folk lore.
  • To exchange information among affiliated societies through the medium of newsletters, publications, seminars etc.
  • To develop mutual support among affiliated societies.
  • To encourage the publication of information of historical interest and the better utilisation of archives.

The Website

In the About Us page there is a list of the Executive Committee including the officers and committee members together with their contact details. Also included in this page is a complete list of all member societies and their contact addresses.

The Federation’s major document, “The Constitution” is available on the Documents page together with the Federation’s Membership/Renewal form.

The Federation Membership/Renewal form provides information on the insurance scheme available to member societies. Also included are the minutes of the Federation Annual General Meetings and the corresponding Chairman’s Reports.

The Publications page contains copies of Federation Newsletters and information on the Federation Annual History Reviews past and present and how to purchase copies.

Federation Events/News and Society Events/News are available on separate pages and give details of activities, events and news. Societies are encouraged to submit information on their activities, events, news and also a copy of their Annual Programme for display.

The Register of Speakers contains a list of speakers and this will be of benefit to hard pressed event organisers.

The Discussion Forum affords the opportunity for discussion and offers local historians the chance to interact with each other in areas of mutual interest.

On the Links page one will find a list of society websites as well as other useful sources.

The Contact Us page allows for direct contact with the Federation.